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Siliconized polyester
paint system, is an economical, long-lasting protective coating, suitable for standard use. Used in the construction industry for years, siliconized polyester coatings have been improved with the addition of ceramic pigments, which help minimize color fade and chalking.

Available on:

  • G-90 galvanized

  • Galvalume3003 aluminum

  • Painted aluminum is available as a special order, subject to quantity requirements.

This coating is an economical painted finish that works especially well when your color selection is in lighter shades and earth tones, and color fade is not critical.

To meet these specifications, coating must be applied over a properly cleaned and pretreated G-90 galvanized, Galvalume or aluminum substrate.

Specification Siliconized Polyester
Film Thickness
NCCA II or ASTM D 1005-84
Top side:
Dry = 0.20 mil – 0.25 mil;
Top coat:
Dry = 0.7 mil - 0.9
Reverse Side:
Dry = 0.15 – 0.25 mil;
Pigmented Polyester Backer
Dry = 0.35 -0.45 mil
Total DFT for system
= 0.90 - 1.15 mils
Gloss (60°angle) br> ASTM D 523-89 25% - 40%
Pencil Hardness
ASTM D 3363-92a
Minimum pencil hardness is "F"
Bend adhesion
ASTM D 4145-83 or NCCA II-19
Slight micro cracking of finish and no loss of adhesion when taped with Scotch #610 cellophane tape after being subjected to an 2T diameter 180° bend test on 0.017" G-90 galvanized or fabricator’s roll-forming operation.
Cross-hatch adhesion
ASTM D 3359-93 or NCCA II
No coating removal Scotch #610 cellophane tape after cross-scoring with 11 horizontal and 11 vertical lines, 1/8" apart.
ASTM D 2794-93
No visible coating removal with Scotch #610 cellophane tape after direct and reverse impact of 80-inch pounds on 0.017" G-90 galvanized, using 5/8" steel ball on a Gardner Impact Tester at 77°F.
Salt spray resistance, ASTM B 117-90 Samples diagonally scored and subjected to 5% neutral salt solution spray for 1,000 hours, then taped with Scotch #610 cellophane tape. No blistering and no loss of adhesion greater than 1/16" from score line
Humidity resistance,
ASTM D 2247-92
No blistering, cracking, peeling, loss of gloss or softening of finish after 1,000 hours of exposure to 100% humidity at 100°F ± 5°F
Chemical resistance
ASTM D 1308-87
No significant color change after 24 hours exposure to either 10% sulfuric or 10% hydrochloric acid solutions (spot test)
Abrasion resistance
ASTM D 968-93
Withstands 30 liters/mil of falling sand before appearance
Accelerated weathering,
Per ASTM D 822-89/G 23-93 (Weatherometer), no checking, blistering or adhesion loss of external coating system after 2,000-hour test, no chalking greater than #8 rating per ASTM D 4214-89
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