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KYNAR 500®
HYLAR 5000®

Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® high-content fluorocarbon coatingshave excellent color retention, durability and chalking resistance and are suitable for most architectural uses. With Kynar®/Hylar®-type resins and a high-volume of ceramic pigments, color is true and long lasting.

Available on:

  • G-90 galvanized

  • Galvalume3003 aluminum

  • Painted aluminum is available as a special order, subject to quantity requirements.

This coating provides the best performance against color fade and chalking. It's an excellent choice for roofing, siding, column covers and other architectural applications where a long-lasting surface appearance is required.

To meet these specifications, coating must be applied over a properly cleaned and pretreated G-90 galvanized, Galvalume® or aluminum substrate.

Specification Kynar 500/Hylar5000
Film Thickness
NCCA II or ASTM D 1005-84
Top side finish:
Dry = 0.2 mil
Top coat:
Dry = Full strength 70% Kynar500/Hylar5000
0.7 - 0.8 mil
Reverse side:
Dry = 0.2 mil
Polyester Backer
= 0.35 - 0.45 mil
Gloss (60°angle) br> ASTM D 523-89 25% - 35%
Pencil Hardness
ASTM D 3363-92a
Minimum pencil hardness is HB to 2H
Bend adhesion
ASTM D 4145-83 or NCCA II-19
0T to 2T, no loss of adhesion
Cross-hatch adhesion
ASTM D 3359-93 or NCCA II
No loss of adhesion
ASTM D 2794-93
No loss of adhesion on steel, 3 x thickness per inch-pound; no loss of adhesion on aluminum at 11/2 x thickness per inch-pound
Salt spray resistance, ASTM B 117-90 At 1,000 hours, creep from scribe <= 1/16-inch, no blisters on HDG; at 3,000 hours, no creep from scribe and no blisters on aluminum substrate; 2000 hours Galvalume® substrate and 3000 hours aluminum substrate
Humidity resistance,
ASTM D 2247-92
At 2,000 hours of 100% RH, no field blisters on HDG/Galvalume®; at 3,000 hours of 100% RH, no field blisters on aluminum
Chemical resistance
ASTM D 1308-87
10% hydrochloric acid, 24 hours, no visible changes; 20% sulfuric acid, 18 hours, no visible changes
Abrasion resistance
ASTM D 968-93
Withstands 67L/mil of falling sand before appearance
Accelerated weathering,
Per ASTM D 3361, 2000 hours, maximum color change of 2AE Hunter units; a chalk rating of no less than 8 (ASTM D659)
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